American Legion Hampden Post 2 Mahool Potts

We need YOU!!!  Our post receives no outside funding or government resources, like all American Legion posts and relies on it's mambers for all services, funding and maintanence of this betiful historic building, but membership has it's privilages.  Becoming a member is like adding a new family, REALLY.

When I first came to the post I was confused because it looked like a bar, many posts are setup this way as it was and still is a gathering place to bring veterans and their families together to serve each other and the community. 

Quickly I realized it is a network of people who care about one another and give so much to the community. Growing up in Hamdden just a few blocks from the post, I never realized how important and historic our little post is to the state of Maryland.  It is THE oldest post in Maryland and we originally had the #1 post but a few years after starting, a marine unit wanted to use the post #1 and out of respect to them, our post switched numbers to honor them.  They have since closed and we are officially the oldest in the starte for over 100 years now!

Next to the post there was a community hall for Hampden and our family and many others would have birthday and anniversary parties. I walked by our post all my life, yet never understood what the American Legion did or who they were, until now!

A friend invited me, because it is a menbership based post, like all AL posts, so when you come in you are part of the family.  The feeling of care and love from strangers was refreshing and needed, especially for our veterans who want to feel like they are part of a family!  Over the last several years of being involved I have seen countless acts of kindess and true concern as our members take care of each other and the community.  It really is about giving and why we hope you will visit us and experience the same care to be part of something larger than ourselves.  

Our post in Hamden hosts a different charity each month, yearly events for the youth in our community and so much more!  Here's the catch, we need YOU!  The Legion has pillars founded in 1919 to guide and standardize the members and a major portion is serving others and its members.